Monday, September 13, 2010

AquaChange – Mermaid in England

On display in the underwater fashion tank at the UK Clothes show 2010, what would one expect to find? A mermaid of course. To help raise money for Fresh2o, a UK based charity that builds wells to provide clean water poorer countries such as Uganda and Madagascar, swimwear label Mermaid in England provided an exclusive colour changing bikini for Jenna Randall, the 2008 Olympics British synchronized swimming champion, to model for the underwater photo shoot. With the help of a little body paint Jenna showed her true form when immersed into the water as the effect of the AquaChange bikini also showed its true colours. The aqua bikini soon changed to a mermaid style print instantly transforming her into a sultry ‘Mermaid’ in the water.

AquaChange by Mermaid in England

Mermaid in England’s new range of AquaChange colour change swimwear is the world’s first swimwear to change colour and pattern on contact with water without the use of chemicals. The swimwear was a hit with celebrity stylist, Arabella Boyce, who chose several pieces of the colour change swimwear for the Fresh2o underwater shoots taking place at Summer Clothes Show 2010 over the weekend.

Is this as cool as it looks? Has anyone tried these? For some reason I’m pretty sure once you actually get out of the water you’ll have some sort of “in-between”-look, which is obviously not what you’re looking for. If you have any experience with these Mermaid in England-pieces, let us know in the comments section!

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