Monday, September 13, 2010

La Perla Swim & Beach Updates

The enchanting creations of the La Perla Beachwear-Collection are dedicated to seductive women, transforming them into creatures of the air. Colours and patterns intimating bird plumage are the central inspiration of a collection drawing its inspiration from natural elements. Embroidered with semi-precious stones, hints of mother-of-pearl and accentuated with cords, pleats and knots, the La Perla Beachwear-Collection draws on the style vocabulary of the peacock, flamingo and parrot; the three birds whose beautiful feathers have gifted us with prints for bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear.

La Perla - 2010 Swimwear La Perla - 2010 Swimwear

La Perla Studio Beachwear S/S 2010

“Find your way, the easy way” is the motto of the new La Perla Studio Beachwear-Collection. Simple while at the same time refined. Sporty yet feminine. Functional yet undeniably sexy. The new collection relinquishes nothing of its typical exquisite style but instead offers a new interpretation: innovative materials realized with refined tailoring to glorify her figure. Look out for psychedelic patterns and the play of thrilling “Doublé-Optik” design.

La Perla Studio Swimwear Swimsuit La Perla Studio

AnnaClub by La Perla Beachwear S/S 2010

“Gypsy Mood” and “Wild Spirit” are the leitmotifs of the AnnaClub by La Perla Collection. The lust for light-heartedness and freedom and the longing for distant lands are reflected in the arabesque and floral motifs indulgently decorated with sequins, pearls and rhinestones reminiscent of the latest animal prints and “jungle style”.

annaclub La Perla Swimwear

Malizia by La Perla Beachwear S/S 2010

“Happy hour” or “night-caps”: In the summer every occasion becomes magic as warm days melt into night. This is the style concept animating the collection dedicated to women who love the beach life at sunset and in the moonlight. Her multicoloured holiday suitcase holds an “all day long” wardrobe of bikinis and versatile garments to be worn over swimsuits to dance on the beach in until dawn. And to further indulge the desire to dress in total freedom all bikinis can be mixed and matched with different shapes, colours and sizes.

malizia by La Perla Swimwear malizia by La Perla Swimwear

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